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Applied Behavior Analysis

Kindred Souls Offers Applied Behavior Analysis therapy (ABA Therapy).

Our pediatric patients will learn to better socialize and function through applied ABA applied therapy, focusing on growth and development of communication. ABA Therapy benefits children who require focused attention on behavioral & social skills. Experienced & licensed therapists work along side children of special needs and/or developmental delays guiding each child on their own specific plan. All children of any medical need are able to grow in this therapeutic socialization platform. 

   ABA Therapy​
  • Enhancment of communication through therapy play
  • Positive reinforcement propelling learning skills
  • Discovery of communication styles of each child
  • Individual enhancement of knowledge
  • Benefitial play constructed to reinforce already acquired positive skills
  • Picture Therapy using books, colors, objects
  • Practice Play reinstilling learned technique
Child Psychologist
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