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Special Education

Special Education

Kindred Souls Pediatrac Care offers all children the opportunity to advance knowledge through educational programs. Here, we provide resources for children of all medical needs, and take the time to aid in each child's learning potentials. Our licensed professionals have experience in providing education and will work to personalize your child's learning experience. At Kindred Souls we instill confidence in our pediatric students teaching them there is no limit in learning and success that success belongs to all.

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  • One on one Special Education

  • Group learning

  • Colors, Shapes, Horizon Mapping

  • Alphabet Recognization

  • Alphabet & Vowel Recite

  • Fun and Play facilitated Interaction of New Concept based teaching

  • Word meaning & Recite

  • Skills of Daily Living

  • Practicing hand coordination using Pincer & Palmer grasp 

  • Music & Sound therapy

  • Eye coordination directed for children of hand movement limitation

  • Speciallized learning using equipment (such as tablets)

  • Special Education is continuous and ever evolving here at Kindred Souls!

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