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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy 

Kindred Souls Pediatric Care offers Occupational Therapy promoting physical and nutritional growth, enhancement of pediatric functionalities unique and beneficial to the medical needs of each individual pediatric patient. The medical professionals of Kindred Souls have strategically chosen a team of well renounced, board-certified, and patient experienced Occupational Therapists. The experience and knowledge our team of experts is founded upon directly correlates to a higher standard of excellence and care for the children we treat. Kindred Souls Pediatric Care understands planning therapy for an individual child is best delivered as a plan of care involving family, not just institution. We work alongside family members to deliver therapies that can be implemented at home and ultimately enhance the activity of daily living for our pediatric clients.


      Occupational Therapy rendered:​

  • Fine motor & gross motor skills

  • Self-care routines such as dressing, zipping, and basic tasks

  • Motor skills used to assist in daily living tasks such as holding a pencil, palmer control, and writing 

  • Motor planning designed to aid children who struggle in self-regulation and sensory progressing

  • Instilling self-esteem through repetition, verbal stimulation, and progression at a paced rate tailored to each individual pediatric patient

  • Tools and technique promoting family learning enriching all environments

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