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Niñas nadando bajo el agua

aquatic therapy

Diving into Healing: Aquatic Therapy at Kindred Souls

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Aquatic therapy at Kindred Souls Pediatric Care is a specialized therapeutic approach that utilizes water-based exercises and activities to aid in the treatment and rehabilitation of children with various needs. This form of therapy is beneficial for a wide range of conditions, including physical disabilities, neurological disorders, developmental delays, and sensory processing issues. While specific details of Kindred Souls' aquatic therapy program are not available, such programs typically include:

Water-Based Exercises: Utilizing the buoyancy and resistance of water, these exercises help in improving muscle strength, balance, and coordination in a low-impact environment.

Enhanced Mobility: The water environment allows children who may have difficulty moving on land to move more freely, increasing their range of motion and flexibility.

Sensory Stimulation: The unique sensory experience of water can be calming for children with sensory processing disorders, helping to improve focus and decrease anxiety.

Therapeutic Play: Incorporating play in water not only makes therapy enjoyable but also enhances learning and skill development in a natural way.

Individualized Therapy Programs: Each child’s aquatic therapy program is tailored to their specific needs, goals, and abilities, ensuring personalized attention and care.

Support for Overall Well-being: Besides physical benefits, aquatic therapy can also contribute to emotional and social well-being, boosting confidence and providing opportunities for social interaction.

Aquatic therapy at Kindred Souls Pediatric Care is likely integrated with other therapeutic modalities to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to each child’s development and rehabilitation.


Kindred Souls adheres to all protocol & policies implemented by the CDC and Florida Department of Health 

Additional information on implementing a safe recreational and living environment for children requiring special medical needs can be located at the following websites: 




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